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Affinity Discount FAQ

What is the Affinity Discount Program?

Origami Legal offers discounts off of our flat services and hourly rate for members or certificate holders of certain organizations. You can find a list of discounts here. We offer this discount because we agree with the values these organizations promote. Except as otherwise stated, we are not affiliated with the organizations, and their inclusion on our affinity program should not be taken as an endorsement of Origami Legal by the organization.

Which memberships and certifications qualify for an affinity discount?

Currently, members or certificate holders of the following organizations qualify for Origami Legal’s affinity discount.

Green Garage

Green Garage is a coworking space that is more than a coworking space. Located in Detroit’s Cass Corridor/Midtown District, it is a unique, socially-minded co-working space that incorporates environmental sustainability by design and embraces a triple bottom line business model. Current tenants and Bradley fellows are eligible.

Good Market

Good Market is “a curated community of social enterprises, cooperatives, responsible businesses, civic organizations, networks, and changemakers.”

B Corp Certification

B Lab is the nonprofit network transforming the global economy to benefit all people, communities, and the planet. They offer a certification for organizations that meet certain criteria showing an incorporation of social and environmental wellbeing into a company’s business model.

What kind of discounts are available?

Discounts are available on all our flat fee services, including $20 off our Zen Subscription per month. We’re working on a way to show all discounts so you can browse them at your leisure, but generally discounts are 10% off the listed price less third-party fees. For example, if a service costs $1,000, of which $600 is a third-party fee and $400 is Origami Legal’s service fee, the discount will likely be $40. There are a few exceptions for particularly low-profit services that we offer primarily as a courtesy, however, so if you have a question about the discount for a particular service please let us know.

Additionally, a 10% discount applies off of Origami Legal’s rate of $180 per hour, for matters that are handled hourly.

Does an affinity discount expire?

You can use your affinity discount as long as you maintain the relevant membership or certification. To maintain the discount, you simply need to re-certify that the membership or certification is still valid once each year with Origami Legal. The re-certification process is the same as initial discount request.

How do I request an affinity discount?

Just complete the form the the left (or above, if you’re reading this on a mobile device)! To do so, you’ll need to be logged into an Origami Legal user account. If you have more than one account, make sure you’re logged into the account for the business or organization that qualifies for the discount.

Can you add my organization to the list of affinity organizations so that my members or certificate holders are eligible for the discount?

Maybe! When selecting eligible organizations and certificates, we look for businesses and organizations whose mission and values align with ours. If you’re interested in making your members or certificate holders eligible for our affinity discount program, please reach out to us by email at admin@origami.legal with some information about your organization’s values.