Your business runs on relationships, and good business relationships are defined by clear contracts that make sure both parties understand what they’re getting into. Contrary to popular belief, contracts aren’t just for people you don’t know well enough to trust (or that you know well enough to think they will try to take advantage of you). Even the best relationships can come to misunderstandings if the terms are not adequately understood by both parties, and a contract is an opportunity to reduce those misunderstandings in the future so that you can avoid destroying relationships in court.

There are almost as many types of contracts as there are relationships under the sun, but some of the contracts Origami Legal can assist you with are listed below.

Service Agreements
If your product is a service you, need a standardized agreement that you can use from client to client to reduce your transaction costs, standardize your business practices, and clearly communicate to your client what they can expect.
Artist and Author Agreements
If you’re working with a creative partner on a project, it is important to determine the terms of the relationship up front, and the ownership of the rights in any underlying intellectual property, as soon as possible to avoid disputes in the future over creative control or monetization.
Film Contracts
Producing a film is one of the most complex creative processes imaginable, both from a production standpoint and a legal standpoint. Your production will involve actor contracts, producer agreements, crew contracts, music licenses, copyright clearances, and other agreements. Origami Legal can assist you with that documentation.
Non-Disclosure Agreements
Occasionally you will need to disclose sensitive information to third parties while taking steps to ensure that information remains secure. Non-disclosure agreements are one way to share information that you want to keep secret.
Copyright Licensing and Assignments
If you are a creative professional, chances are your work will occasionally involve licensing and assigning copyrightable works, whether it’s fine art or song lyrics. We can assist you in drafting those terms, either as the licensor or the licensee.
Trademark Licensing

If branding is a big part of your business, you may eventually want to license your brand out to third-party manufactures or service providers. It’s important for many reasons, including maintaining your trademark rights, that you define the terms of that licensing in writing.


The agreements listed above are just a few of the contracts that your business may need and that Origami Legal can assist you with. There are many, many other categories of commonly used contracts other than the ones listed above – if you have a contracting need, get in touch to discuss how we can help.

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How long does it take to draft a contract?

It depends heavily on the specifics. Typical turn around time is a few business days, but a particularly complex or novel agreement can take longer.

How much does it cost?

It depends on the contract. If you’d like information, use the button above to get the ball rolling and find out!

Do you offer a flat fee?

We offer flat fees whenever possible, but novel or complex contracts, and contracts that involve third party negotiations, may require an hourly rate.

Can you draft me an iron-clad contract?

No, and anyone who tells you they can is misleading you. Contracts can help you avoid disputes, and they can help you win if there is a dispute, but even the most well-crafted contract is not a guarantee of any particular result. To accomplish that, you’d have to be able to see the future – and if we could see the future, we’d probably be using that superpower to do something other than drafting your contracts!

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