Zen legal subscription

The Zen Legal Subscription is a modern way of working with a law firm, designed for anyone who wants to be proactive about solving legal problems before they come up. For a monthly fee that can be cancelled at any time, you can schedule calls and video conferences with Origami Legal at your convenience, submit documents for review from your phone, tablet, or computer, and receive a discount on additional services that you may need to protect and grow your business. Our goal is to be an agile, outsourced in-house counsel for your business, organization, or creative practice so that you can feel confident known you have an attorney to talk to without having to worry about getting a bill just because you picked up the phone.

$70.00 / month

The Details

Calls and Video Conferences

Schedule calls and video conferences without worrying about a huge legal bill in the mail.

Document Review

Submit documents online for attorney review and receive a report in your inbox.

Discounted Services

Save on fees for other services, including trademark searches and registrations.

Schedule Calls and Video Conferencing

Schedule calls and video conferences with an attorney on your My Zen page from your phone or computer at no extra cost. We can’t guarantee we’ll have all the answers without having to do some extra work, but you can be sure that you won’t get billed for calling. Time slot availability as early as the next day.

Submit Documents for Attorney Review

If you have a document that needs to be reviewed, you can submit it for review through the Document Review Request tab on your My Zen page. Within two business days, we’ll get back to you with a document report that points out any issues with the document, how we think the document could be improved, and a quote to make those changes so you can decide whether you’d like to have the agreement redrafted.

Discounted Services

Discounts apply to certain services. Not sure if a discount applies? Just ask and we’ll let you know.