General Terms of Service

These Terms of Service are incorporated into all other terms of service included at (the “Website”) and into any service Origami Legal provides, except as otherwise provided in a writing signed by Origami Legal. By using the Website, engaging Origami Legal to perform a service, or signing up for a subscription offered through the Website, you agree, on your own behalf and on behalf of the entity your represent, if applicable, to be bound by these and any other terms applicable to your service or subscription.

Non-Refundable Retainer

Except as otherwise provided, fees paid to Origami Legal are considered a nonrefundable retainer that is earned upon receipt as a minimum amount required to provide your subscription or other service. You agree that this is a clear and unambiguous term regarding the status of payments made to Origami Legal. You also agree that, while refunds are not required under this term, the mere fact that Origami Legal offers a refund does not change the earned upon receipt status of any amount paid to Origami Legal and that such amounts are refunds of earned fees and not a return of unearned fees. This includes amounts that are paid to Origami Legal as part of a fee payable to a third party, and such fees shall be considered an expense borne by Origami Legal in providing the service.

Payment by Credit Card

If you are paying any amount to Origami Legal by credit card, debit card, or other electronic payment method, you authorize Origami Legal to charge your payment method for the indicated amount. If any service is charged on a recurring or automatic basis (such as a project with payment due at particular milestones), you agree to allow Origami Legal to automatically charge your account on file.

State Law

Origami Legal is generally only permitted to assist in matters of federal law and Michigan law. If you and your business, organization, or creative practice are both outside of Michigan, we are happy to assist you in trademark matters or other federal issues, but you should consider that the Zen Subscription Service may not be the best way that Origami Legal can serve you.

Conflicts of Interest

Rules of professional conduct for attorneys prevent representation in some cases where a conflict of interest exists. Origami Legal may decline your matter or subscription service if we determine there is a conflict of interest. Though your fee, if already paid, is considered earned prior to the discovery of the conflict of interest (including as a fee for the administrative cost of performing the conflict check), if Origami Legal discovers a conflict of interest that prevents Origami Legal from taking your matter or continuing your subscription service, fees for discrete matters shall be returned for milestones not yet reached, fees for monthly subscriptions shall be returned for the month in which the conflict was discovered, and subscription fees for subscriptions longer than a month shall be returned on a monthly prorated basis as follows: the total subscription fee paid multiplied by (the number of months remaining in the subscription plus the month in which the conflict was discovered).

Litigation & Practice Areas

The representation provided under a subscription or any other matter does not include litigation or representation in or before a court or any other tribunal unless agreed upon in a writing signed by Origami Legal.

Like most attorneys and law firms, Origami Legal does not practice in every area of law, and services offered generally or under a subscription are limited to Origami Legal’s practice areas. For instance, if a subscriber calls regarding a matter of criminal law, Origami Legal will not be able to offer advice on that subject and may provide a referral to another attorney.

Right to Withdraw

Origami Legal reserves the right to terminate our representation, including a subscription, if required by the rules of professional conduct, if you provide false information, or if Origami Legal believes it cannot work with you for any reason, including harassment of staff or excessive use of subscription benefits. Refunds on services, including subscriptions, terminated by Origami Legal are at Origami Legal’s discretion.

Monthly Payment

You understand that the subscription services are recurring and agree to allow Origami Legal to charge your card at renewal. Cancellation’s will take effect in the next billing cycle.

Subscription Fee Increases

Origami Legal may occasionally increase the fee for the Zen Subscription or other subscription services. You will be notified about any such fee increases by e-mail at least 60 days prior to the increase. Fee increases will take place automatically, and you agree to be responsible and charged for paying any increased fees unless you cancel your subscription prior to the date you are billed for the increased fee.


Origami Legal may amend these terms at any time with or without notice. By continuing to use the Zen Subscription or other subscription services, you agree to the terms as they may be updated. With the exception of subscription services, changes in these or any other Terms of Service shall not impact matters that began prior to the updated change of service, except as agreed upon in writing by both parties. Changes to terms impacting existing subscriptions will be binding on those services upon the new terms’ effective date provided notice was given to the subscriber at least 30 days in advance of the changes’ effective date. If 30 days notice is not given, the changes will become effective on the date of the subscriber’s next renewal after 30 days from the date notice was given.

Incorporation of Other Terms of Service and Conflicting Terms

Except as explicitly provided in writing, (A) all other Terms of Service included in this website, or offered for other services provided by Origami Legal, incorporate these General Terms of Service, and (b) where there is a conflict between these General Terms of Service and any other Terms of Service or agreement entered into between a client and Origami Legal, these General Terms of Service shall control.


Notice to a subscriber or other client is effective if sent by e-mail to the email address reflected in the subscriber or other client’s account or that the user has otherwise provided to Origami Legal. It is your responsibility to update your e-mail of record.

Effective Date

Effective on 1/3/2021.