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Opening a Bank Account for Your Business

Opening a bank account for your business can be surprisingly complicated. There are only a few key pieces of information that banks are actually required to collect by law, but many banks choose to require additional information and documentation, and that information...

B(r)and On the Run: Trademark Registrations for Recording Artists

Eminem, Lizzo, and ABBA. The names of recording artists, or registered trademarks? Why not both?

If you’re a recording artist, your name or band name may be an important part of your identity, and a valuable asset in its own right that can be turned into merchandising and licensing revenues. Learn what goes into registering a trademark for your name or band name.

S Corps for LLCs

S Corps, despite the name, aren’t really a type of corporation. Indeed, LLCs can be S Corps too, and making the switch might help you save on your taxes. Click through to find out more.

Copyright as Leverage

Find out how creative service professionals can use copyrights to help get paid.

Most service agreements that produce copyrightable works give an unconditional copyright grant to the client as a matter of course. What this post presupposes is: maybe they shouldn’t.