About Origami Legal’s Giving

Interested in learning more about Origami Legal’s commitment to giving back? Frequently asked questions are answered below, or feel free to reach out to us for more information using our Contact page.

Giving FAQ


10% of each sale (excluding third-party fees, such as government filing fees or vendor service fees) is donated to 501(c)(3) charities. This program begins March 1, 2022.

When checking out, clients can choose a cause they would like to support. Origami Legal will select one or more charities related to that cause to donate to.

Can I choose the charity?

Not at this time. Unfortunately, Origami Legal doesn’t have the systems in place to make this feasible. It is something we may consider in the future. A list of charities and amounts donated to them will be available annually.

Origami Legal periodically researches charities using Charity Navigator and other resources with the goal of selecting the most impactful charities for a given cause. Donations are given to one or more charities based on this selection process.

Monthly, quarterly, or annually. First, it depends on how much money has been reserved towards a particular cause – we don’t want to bog down charities with a few small donations. Second, it depends on how urgent the cause is. For instance, charities serving the victims of a particular disaster may have urgent needs for any funds we raise, and donations will be sent more frequently.

No, Origami Legal is not affiliated with any of the charities it donates to – or any charity, for that matter. Affiliation can be fraught for organizations, so we prefer to avoid direct partnership and the legal wrangling that can involve – we just send money.