Origami Legal is excited to announce that Zen Subscribers are now eligible for a free trademark analysis and screening search after subscribing to Origami Legal for at least three continuous months.

The Zen Trademark Search feature will appear along with your other benefits, though you won’t be able to access the feature until you have subscribed for three continuous months. After you have subscribed for three months, you will be able to submit a trademark through the form at your convenience.

The Zen Trademark Search includes a Screening Search as part of your subscription, a $300 value. If desired, subscribers may upgrade to an Enhanced Search or Deep Search for an additional fee.

Currently, the feature is limited to brand names and other text-based trademarks. Logos, product packaging, product configurations, and various other complex trademarks are not eligible at this time.

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Zen Legal Subscription

The Zen Legal Subscription is a modern way of working with a law firm, designed for anyone who wants to be proactive about solving legal problems before they come up. For a monthly fee that can be cancelled at any time, you can schedule calls and video conferences with Origami Legal at your convenience, submit documents for review from your phone, tablet, or computer, and receive a discount on additional services that you may need to protect and grow your business. You’ll also receive a free trademark search when you’ve been subscribed for three straight months (terms apply). Our goal is to be an agile, outsourced in-house counsel for your business, organization, or creative practice so that you can feel confident known you have an attorney to talk to without having to worry about getting a bill just because you picked up the phone.

$70.00 / month