Document Redrafting Terms of Service

These Document Redrafting Terms of Service govern the redrafting of agreements submitted through the Zen Subscription document review benefit. They incorporate Origami Legal’s General Terms of Service. Different terms apply to general contract and document drafting services Origami Legal offers or performs.

Non-Refundable Retainer

You agree and understand that the fee paid for the document drafting service Origami Legal provides is a non-refundable retainer that meets the requirements of Michigan law and Michigan’s Rules of Professional Conduct. You agree that this is a clear, unambiguous agreement for a nonrefundable retainer. You understand that if you do not agree to these payment terms you should not order document redrafting.


Drafting Scope

The document(s) you have selected for redrafting will be redrafted to reflect the changes suggested in the review report provided for the document. Additional changes not contemplated in the review report will not be made. If you would like additional changes made, please contact Origami Legal to request the change prior to signing up for the redrafting service. Origami Legal may decline to redraft the documents with the additional changes for any reason, including a belief that the change would have undesirable consequences to you, the client. If Origami Legal consents to the additional drafting work, the fee for the drafting will be adjusted accordingly. You will have an opportunity to review the fee before payment and committing to the service.

Approval and Change Requests

When your documents are redrafted, they will be uploaded to the Origami Legal website for download. They will also be e-mailed to you with a request to approve the documents as drafted or to reject the documents and request additional changes. If additional changes are not requested within 14 days, they will be considered accepted and the ability to request changes will automatically expire.

Changes in this step are limited to the correction of technical errors and, at Origami Legal’s sole discretion, minor changes to terms. Substantive changes not contemplated in the review report and otherwise discussed and agreed upon with Origami Legal will not be made at this step.

After the earlier of 14 days without client action regarding approval or rejection of the redrafted documents or Origami Legal’s completion and delivery of the documents with requested changes made, the document redrafting shall be considered complete and the matter closed.

Effective Date

Effective on 1/3/2021.