Zen Subscription Terms of Service

These Zen Subscription Terms of Service govern the terms of your Zen Subscription. They incorporate Origami Legal’s General Terms of Service.

Non-Refundable Retainer

You agree and understand that the monthly subscription fee paid for the Zen Subscription is a non-refundable retainer that meets the requirements of Michigan law and Michigan’s Rules of Professional Conduct as provided under Origami Legal’s General Terms of Service. You agree that this is a clear, unambiguous agreement for a nonrefundable retainer. You understand that if you do not agree to these payment terms you should not sign up for the subscription, and that you may inquire prior to signing up if you have any questions.


As part of the subscription, you can:

  • Schedule calls or video chats to speak with an attorney for legal advice at no extra cost
  • Submit documents for attorney review and receive a document report after the review is complete
  • Receive a free trademark review and search for a brand name after three continuos months as a Zen subscriber
  • Discounts on qualifying services

Document Review Requests

Document review requests will be processed in the order they are received. Typical though not guaranteed time to review and draft a report on the document review request is two business days per 10 pages of documents submitted, accounting for weekends and holidays. DOCUMENT REVIEW DOES NOT INCLUDE REDRAFTING OR EDITING THE DOCUMENT. You will receive a report on the document and ways it can be improved, if any. If appropriate, a flat fee or estimated hourly quote may be included to help you determine whether the cost justifies redrafting. While there is no set limit on the number of documents or pages that may be submitted through this feature, Origami Legal may decline to review documents if a user is submitting them in excess volume or if Origami Legal believes the user is submitting documents for review in a volume or manner that is not commercially reasonable. Users may only submit documents for review that are for their own use or the use of their business or organization.

Scheduled Calls

Calls may be scheduled no less than 24 hours in advance. Call slots are available during Origami Legal’s normal business hours and are subject to general availability. Calls included under the Origami Legal should be scheduled through the “Schedule a Call” tab on your account page. Calls are limited to matters that can be disposed of in approximately 15 minutes, and complex or novel matters may require additional work that is not included in the subscription fee. Whether a matter requires additional work outside the scope of the subscription is a decision solely at Origami Legal’s discretion.

Subscribing Entity

Generally subscriptions are meant for use by one business, organization, or creative professional (including the creative professional’s business entity, if one is being used). Document review and scheduled calls must relate to the principal business, organization, or creative professional for whom the subscription is purchased. Call and document review services can be purchased for additional businesses for a reduced monthly fee per business.

Zen Trademark Analysis and Search


The Zen Trademark Review and Search is available only to Zen Subscribers who have been subscribed for three continuous billing cycles. Canceling a subscription resets the number of billing cycles required to use the Zen Trademark Review and Search function.

Qualifying Trademarks

The Zen Trademark Review and Search feature is only available for plainword trademarks, meaning trademarks that are composed of letters, numbers, and punctuation. Trademarks that are plainword trademarks but for the specification of a particular font or text color also qualify.

Logos, product packaging, product configuration, and other trademark types are not included.

Registration Not Included

As with all of Origami Legal’s trademark analysis and search products, the Zen Trademark Review and Search does not include registration, which can be purchased separately.

Trademark Search and Analysis Terms of Service Apply

Origami Legal’s general Trademark Search and Analysis Terms of Service apply to the Zen Trademark Review and Search feature.

Effective Date

Effective on 2/25/2021.