Trademark Registration Terms of Service

The following terms apply to Origami Legal’s trademark registration application service. They incorporate Origami Legal’s General Terms of Service.

Application Limited to Materials Listed

The application to register your trademark will include only the bases, classes, and goods and services listed on your purchase confirmation. Please check to ensure that all of the bases, classes, and goods and services you wish to apply to register are listed.

Responses to Office Actions – Nonsubstantive

As part of your service, Origami Legal will respond to non-substantive office actions at no additional charge. Whether an office action is substantive or non-substantive is entirely at Origami Legal’s discretion.

Services Not Included

The representation includes collecting the information necessary to file your application, filing your application, monitoring the application, reviewing office actions and communicating their content to you as needed, and responding to non-substantive office actions. Other services, such as responding to substantive office actions, appealing the examining attorney’s decision, responding to opposition proceedings, are not included and may incur an additional fee if Origami Legal represents you in those matters.

Additional Filing Requirements

If any portion of your application is filed on an intent-to-use basis, completing the registration will require at least one additional filing, and perhaps more, depending on when you are able to show that you have begun using the trademark in commerce. You are responsible for any such filing costs, which will be billed prior to filing. An additional legal fee may apply to such filings that Origami Legal prepares and files on your behalf.

Ongoing Communications

There is a good chance that the trademark application process will require you to respond to one or more communications from Origami Legal on a time-sensitive basis. It is important that you read any communications from Origami Legal as soon as possible and respond as needed.

No Guarantee of Results

Origami Legal cannot guarantee your application to register a trademark will be successful. We will be forthright with you regarding the odds of your application’s success, but we cannot guarantee that our opinion will be shared by the examining attorney at the trademark office. Any fees paid are not contingent on the application’s success.

End of Representation

Unless otherwise terminated by you or by Origami Legal as allowed under the Terms of Service, the trademark registration service will end when the registration is successful or the Trademark Office has issued a final office action rejecting, voiding, or otherwise disposing of the application.

The representation does not extend to post-application matters, such as filing an appeal to the TTAB.

No Guarantee of Future Work

While we are usually happy and able to perform additional work on your application if the need arises, your purchase of the application service does not obligate Origami Legal to perform additional work for you except as stated in these terms of service. For instance, if you terminate the attorney-client relationship prior to the application’s completion, we will not be able to respond to continue monitoring your trademark application.

Effective Date

Effective on 2/16/2021.