Trademark Monitoring Terms of Service

The following terms apply to Origami Legal’s trademark monitoring services. They incorporate Origami Legal’s General Terms of Service.

Countries Monitored

When a U.S. monitoring service is purchased, the United States will be the only country monitored where activity is monitored.

When an international monitoring service is purchased, 190 countries will be monitored but a particular focus will be placed on countries included in the service order. You may not be alerted to monitoring incidences in countries that you did not indicate were a concern in your order.

No Guarantee

Origami Legal does not guarantee that the monitoring service will catch every incidence of infringement or every application that involves a potentially infringing trademark. Origami Legal is not responsible or liable for the monitoring service’s failure to identify infringement or infringing applications.

Batch Reporting

Origami Legal reviews and analyzes monitoring results in weekly batches, meaning monitoring results are generally not reviewed or reported immediately. If you do not receive a report in a given week, it means that, in Origami Legal’s opinion, no noteworthy activity was detected in regard to your trademark.


Each monitoring subscription lasts one year from the date of purchase and renews automatically. You will be autobilled if you do not cancel your subscription prior to the renewal date. You grant Origami Legal permission to autobill your card or other payment method if you do not cancel prior to your service’s renewal date, and refunds cannot be processed after you are autobilled.

Effective Date

Effective on 2/26/2021.